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Bruce Bundy is an actress, filmmaker and performer from the bay area. She spent a decade grinding in New York after studying acting at NYU.

She can be seen in “The Hunger Games” franchise, and in indies such as “Buster’s Mal Heart,” starring Rami Malek, Independent Spirit Award-winning "Without." Of late, she stars as Naomi Florida, the rapid-cycling, narcissistic antagonist of Jerzy Rose's dark satire "Neighborhood Food Drive," winner of the Spirit of Slamdance 2017, and Brian Jordan Alvarez's ("The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo") forthcoming debut feature.

She made her first film in 2011, co-directing “The Mud," about a blue-blooded couple and their perverse relationship with a feral woman who shows up at their house. The follow-up, “The Greggs,” a surreal comedy about the cult of mind slaves who write the SATs, won the Spirit of Slamdance in 2014. Her next two shorts, "Old Friends” and “Salesmanship,” have played at festivals domestically and internationally, including Fantastic Fest, Raindance, Maryland, Sidewalk, Sarasota and Montclair. They have been described as darkly comic, surreal psychosexual hellscapes all around. She is currently developing her first feature, "The Lounge Singer."

For years she ran a monthly variety show in New York, The Witching Hour, a cult underground variety show. As a burlesque performer, she is known for acts that mingle the erotic with the comedic and grotesque.

She now hosts the bimonthly drag performance art show LA Kings with Tina Stormberg, featuring a menagerie of unclassifiables at the iconic Hollywood club Cheetahs.