A hallucinatory stoner flick about two best friends trying to keep their heads above water in the big, bad city.  ( TEASER )

Film by Bruce Bundy & Helen Rogers, Produced by Mary Beth Minthorn, Shot by Justin Derry. Starring Bruce Bundy, Helen Rogers, Theodore Bouloukas, Sophia Urista.

Official Selection of Fantastic Fest, Raindance (London), New Orleans Film Festival, Chattanooga Film Festival, Montclair Film Festival, Deep Focus Festival (Ireland).

Old Friends, 2015

A movie about a bunch of miserable white people.  ( TEASER )

Written, Directed & Edited by Bruce Bundy. Shot by Jessie Levandov & Joe Rosenblit. Starring Kira Pearson, Rob Malone, Nigel DeFriez, Bruce Bundy, Mike Dobbins.

Official Selection of Chicago Underground Festival, Sidewalk Festival, Northside Festival, featured on NoBudge.

The Greggs, 2014

The origin of the SATs in which Gregg, Gregg, Gregg, and Gregg lose The Gregg.  ( TRAILER )

Directed by Bruce Bundy, Nigel DeFriez, Jessie Levandov, Rob Malone, Alex Mechanik, Kira Pearson, and Jonathan Rosenblit. Screenplay by Bruce Bundy. Cinematography by Jonathan Rosenblit and Jessie Levandov. Starring Bruce Bundy, Nigel DeFriez, Rob Malone, Kira Pearson, Raïna von Waldenburg, Kate Berlant, John Early, and Esme Lee.

Winner of Spirit of Slamdance Award, Slamdance Film Festival 2014, Best Comedy on NoBudge. Official Selection of Maryland Film Festival, Sarasota Film Festival, Sidewalk Film Festival, California Independent Film Festival, Hammer to Nail Runner Up, Northside Festival.

The Mud, 2012

A grieving young couple suffer each other's company in a stale seaside home. One night, a feral mudcreature appears in their kitchen. Upon washing her, they discover a malleable innocent fit to become a lady! Maybe.  ( TRAILER )

Directed by Nigel DeFriez, Bruce Bundy, Kira Pearson, and Rob Malone. Screenplay by Nigel DeFriez. Shot by Rob Malone. Starring Bruce Bundy, Nigel DeFriez, Kira Pearson.

Official selection of Sidewalk Film Festival, Sapporo International Film Festival, California Independent Film Festival. Winner of Short of the Year on NoBudge.